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Ms. Li is an attorney with CUTLER & WILENSKY, LLP. Ms. Li fluently speaks and reads both Chinese Mandarin and English and is licensed to practice law in both the U.S. and China. Due to her educational background and legal experience in both countries, she has a strong knowledge and in-depth insight into the legal systems of both countries.

Ms. Li has extensive experience in the practice of corporate and business law. In particular, her experience includes assisting Chinese companies to establish and expand their investments and operations in the U.S. Ms. Li handles all aspects of corporate law, including corporate formation, drafting commercial contracts, drafting non-compete agreements, corporate structuring, and share transfers. In doing so, she draws on a profound appreciation of the cultural nuisances involved in cross boarder transactions.

Before joining CUTLER & WILENSKY LLP, Ms. Li interned at Deheng Chen, LLC in New York, where she assisted Chinese investors in renewable energy to file for licenses, which were approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (“CFIUS”), resulting in the establishment of a joint venture between the Chinese investors and a U.S. company. In addition, she filed for immigration applications and petitions with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) for Chinese investors, and conducted due diligence on numerous EB5 projects. Ms. Li also conducted legal research on alternative energy tax credits incentive plans and consequently developed a comprehensive database. Prior to her internship with Deheng Chen, LLC, she was an intern with General Electric Co. Ltd. where she handled corporate matters, such as drafting sale and lease contracts and translating contracts between English and Chinese.

In 2011, Ms. Li volunteered with AARP-RI whereat she conducted legal research and analysis on pension plan reform. She also volunteered in Essex County DA’s office.  She had the opportunity to conduct interviews with the victims and assisted the prosecutors.  Prior to attending law school, Ms. Li worked for a MacArthur Foundation sponsored research team to study the legal representation of criminal defendants in the lower level Chinese criminal court in Fujian Province, China.

Ms. Li holds law degrees from China and the U.S. She graduated from Liaoning University, China with a Bachelor degree in Laws. She interned in several district and intermediate courts in China. Later, she earned Master Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in Boston. Then she earned the Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School.

Ms. Li is admitted to practice law in China and Massachusetts. She has passed the New York State bar exam and is expected to be admitted early 2015.