CUTLER & WILENSKY LLP's business attorneys prosecute and defend shareholder disputes involving closely held companies and partnerships, as well as disputes involving claims brought by beneficiary of trusts.  These disputes are also known as derivative actions.

Derivative shareholder lawsuits are highly complex business disputes that require well-grounded legal experience and knowledge.  These cases are known as complex litigation because they involve unique legal principles and are document intensive cases requiring the identification, collection, review and analysis of extensive corporate documentation and the applications of complex legal principles.

Our business attorneys have represented closely held companies and trusts, as well as individual shareholders, officers, trustees and beneficiaries in both Federal and State courts in derivative actions.

The industry sectors served by CW's business lawyers in derivative lawsuits include, software, real estate, restaurants, distributors, insurance brokers and information technology.

If you have any questions about shareholder or beneficiary disputes, please contact one of our business lawyers or submit an inquiry form.

CW has offices conveniently located in Waltham and Needham.