Our commercial and business lawyers handle the business-related needs of our clients from the selection of a business entity to the solving of complex legal issues and disputes that arise in the course of managing a business.

CW advises on and guides clients through the nuances and intricacies involved in the drafting of effective legal documents and contracts necessary to further key business objectives, as well as ensuring compliance with local, state and federal laws.  Our business lawyers serve a spectrum of businesses, such as manufacturing, software, information technology, design, distribution, retail, hospitality and lodging, medical and construction industries.

There are many challenges facing business from the selection of the correct entity to the protection of intellectual property. Our attorneys draft contracts, non-disclosure agreements, distribution agreements and licensing agreements. We work closely with corporate management regarding fiduciary duty matters and corporate governance.

CW also advises on all aspects of employee relations such as confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, non-competes, assignment of intellectual property, wage and hour, employee manuals, classification of employees, use of independent contractors, severance agreements and wrongful termination. 

Our business attorneys also work with companies and individuals in the purchasing or selling of businesses, including preparation of NDAs, letters of intent, stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, transfer of intellectual property, purchase and sales agreements, licenses, assignments, promissory notes, and all other documentation necessary for the transfer of part or the entirety of a business.

The following are the types of business matters handled by CW:

  • Structuring of Business Entities;

  • Purchase and Sale of Business;

  • Stock Transfer;

  • Asset Purchase;

  • Letters of Intent;

  • Compliance With Corporate Legal Requirements;

  • Corporate Governance;

  • Shareholder, Director and Officer Liability;

  • Unfair Business Practices;

  • Uniform Commercial Code;

  • Licensing Agreements;

  • Independent Sales Representative Contracts;

  • Purchases and Sales of Businesses;

  • Distribution Agreements;

  • Service Contracts;

  • Shareholder Agreements;

  • Partnership Agreements;

  • Joint Venture Agreements;

  • Wage and Hour Laws;

  • Non-Compete Agreements;

  • Non-Raiding Agreements;

  • Confidentiality Agreements;

  • Employment Contracts;

  • Employment Practices;

  • Severance Agreements;

  • Releases;

  • Employment Discrimination;

  • Harassment in the Workplace;

  • Hostile Work Environment;

  • Classification of Employees;

  • Trade Secrets;

  • Copyright;

  • Trademark;

  • Leases; and

  • Buy-Sell Agreements.

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