Employees cannot be fired for doing something they have a right to do (e.g., filing a workers’ compensation claim, serving as a juror or reporting illegal activity adversely affecting the public at large). Also, employees cannot be fired for refusing to do something they have a legal obligation not to do (e.g., lying under oath for an employer or committing a crime). An employer can also be subject to a wrongful termination claim for firing an employee because of his or her age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability (protected class), or in retaliation for filing and internal complaint or external complaint with the MCAD or EEOC for discrimination, hostile work environment, harassment or retaliation.  An employer who terminates an employee for any of these reasons may be in violation of the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts giving rise to a claim from wrongful termination. 

A wrongful termination claim can take different forms and it is important to consult a wrongful termination lawyer to recognize and understand your rights.  If you have any questions, please contact the firm's wrongful termination attorneys by calling one of our offices or by submitting an inquiry form..